“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision”
(Peter Druker, philosopher, economist and one of the leading
thinkers of the global effects on macroeconomics.)

“Eureka” derives from a word of Greek origin that means “I have found it”. It is therefore related to breakthroughs and the finding of efficient and effective solutions.

And if - as it is pointed by some scholars - the name exerts influence on the personality, this was a quite appropriate choice.

Eureka Global Trading is the successor of Eureka Assessoria e Intermediações Comerciais, that founded in 1999 and which acted as a business promoter, presenting suppliers and their products to prospective buyers and vice-versa.

Technical, marketing and human knowledge, all together in a single company to generate and expand your business to attractive and potential markets - this is what Eureka offers to its clients and partners.

Growth only represents risk when one is not well advised. This is why you can count on Eureka to export to places where there is much to improve or to import from countries that offer unique qualities and advantages.